Friday, October 29, 2010

Ten Years Later

Ten years behind me, countless hours doing genie. What have I discovered.
Its very relaxing, exhilerating, stimulating and sometimes, just can't click it
off and go to bed.
I didn't know the names of my paternal ggreat grandparents, or my maternal
ones either when I started. I didn't even know if my ggrandfather Shockley had
any sibblings at all.
Many hundred relatives later, I am still hooked.There is still so much to do. So
much that I have to organzie to make this useable for my children, if they are
ever interested in it.
I wasn't surprised to find that ggggrandfather Gideon B Shockley had owned
slaves. But last night I studied the 1840 census more carefully and realized that
my gggrandfather Irick had owned 9 slaves! I was in shock. I have always thought
of him as being just a working man. Is there a mistake? How did he own slaves?
What for? He lived in Raccoon Valley, Knox Co Tennessee. No huge agriculture
here! No huge money that I can see? Very strange. Perchance there is a mistake.
Records scrambled? Why haven't I noticed this before? Because I never looked?